Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all! has been very busy in the KinderJungle the past few weeks! We just finished our Benchmark testing last week! This week our theme was Houses/Families! To kick this theme off, I sent home a blank piece of poster board and ask the parents to help their children complete their family trees! This is always one of my favorite things we do because you really get to know your students and their families. They also complete a little questionnaire about things they like to do with their families! These turned out soooooo cute! I wanted to share a few pictures of the final products!

In writing this week, we have been learning about Characters, Actions and Settings. We read the book No, David! We identified the character and the actions. We then made our own No _______! pictures. We replaced our names instead of David's!


The student's had so much fun making these! They absolutely love the David Books! We had a great week and I am so looking forward to next week's theme....

It's All About Apples!
Here is a preview of our Apple Tree Consensogram courtesy of Deanna Jump's Apple Unit! I am sooo excited about this theme!

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